At breakfast…

Waking up is something to enjoy, especially if you aren’t in a hurry!

Cooking means creativity, colour and recipes… and in Romagna, it also means love!

Hello, I’m Giovanni and I manage the catering and restaurant services at Hotel 21. Every day, I personally deal with preparing your very long breakfast.

Yes, it really is a long breakfast that lasts until 11.00 am, ideal for those who want to rest well and start the day full of energy!

Each morning I get hard at work to give you a great wake up, with delicious homemade cakes and savoury options, accompanied by fresh fruit juices and hot coffee.

And we want to pamper everyone, so you’ll also find a special breakfast for celiacs!

At dinner, surround yourself in tradition and discover the flavours of the territory!

Walk to our nearby partner hotel (just 100 metres away).
Savour a different dish every evening 😉