At breakfast...

Waking up is a pleasure especially if there's no rush!

Cooking means creativity, colours, traditions... and here in Romagna it is synonymous with “love”!
Hello! My name is Giovanni, I'm responsible of the restaurant at Hotel 21 and every day I personally prepare your looong breakfast.
Yes, a really long breakfast, until 11:00 am!
That's the ideal breakfast if you want to sleep a bit more and start the day the right way!

Every morning I prepare my home-made pasta, embracing our grandmas' cooking philosophy, baking tasty home-made sweets and cakes, along with salty snacks, fresh fruit juices and hot coffee.
We take care of everyone because we prepare breakfast for people who suffer from celiac disease, too.

Croissants for breakfast

At lunch the key-word is freedom!

Why should you give up some more hours of fun at the beach?
Choose to stay at the beach as long as you want to; choose a quick meal under the beach umbrella ... Or a fresh and delicious dish in our restaurant.

Fish appetizer
The breakfast room
Seafood Grill

At dinner, let's enjoy a full immersion in our traditions and discover all the tastes and favours of our typical dishes

Reach with a walk our agreement hotel where you taste every evening a different dish

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